Archive Back Online

I received a lot of requests to keep the archive online after replacing the site with a smiley face a few days ago. So here we are, back by popular demand. Things are well in the post-Fazed world.

Check back now and then, you never know what might happen. ;-)

Slaying Since 1998

Well, friends, after over 15 years of posting things found on the internet to this site, it's time for me to move on. Giving the front page a lot of love this past month has been great fun, but also extremely time consuming. And with a son who's old enough now to notice his dad is always distracted, and twins arriving in a few months, I suppose it's time to grow up and sort out my priorities.

Thanks for sticking with it all these years. I hope it was mostly enjoyable for you. It certainly has been for me.

-Adam "SpunOne"

Spherical Harmonics

Spherical Harmonics is about the strange power of the CGI image. It is a hermetically sealed fantasy, full of digitally created memories, counterfeit physics and controlled accidents. A place where reality fails because it's too perfect, and where spectacular CGI setpieces are replaced with more introverted and complex fantasies - fantasies of the digital-artist-as-god, lost in uncanny valley.

Sir David Attenborough's Alternative Curling Commentary

This is fantastic!

Treaded Electric Sled

This thing looks practical and fun. Hopefully they get someone to manufacture it for them.

Vitruvian Man Had a Hernia

But there’s a bump in the story. In 2011, Hutan Ashrafian, a lecturer of surgery at Imperial College London, noticed an odd thing about Vitruvian Man. You can be forgiven for not gazing much at Vitruvian Man's package. But not everyone has been so modest, and while looking at Leonardo's illustration, Ashrafian noticed an odd bulge near Vitruvian Man's bulge. This protuberance, slightly above the left side of his groin, looks exactly like a medical problem that plagues about 30 percent of men and 3 percent of women in their lifetimes: an inguinal hernia.


T-shirts inspired by 8-bit art.

Goat Slicer

No goats were actually sliced up, but they sure to seem to be having fun!


A first person shooter that uses music as its weapon doesn't really sound all that cool on its own, but the trailer may have convinced me. From the same studio that created Rock Band.

Land of 1,000 Rabbits

I want to live in a world where rabbits follow me around and defend my honor.

Virtual Theramin

Make some noise!

Forensic Facial Reconstruction

Start with the bottle (a skull) from Crystal Head Vodka and turn it into its corresponding face.

Shapes in the Sand

I can't quite call them "castles," but they sure look neat.

Indonesia's Two Erupting Volcanoes

Sad and beautiful photos in this series.

Earlier today, Indonesia's Mount Kelud erupted violently, killing two, sending massive ash plumes miles into the air, and causing more than 100,000 to evacuate parts of Java. The explosive eruption could be heard by residents more than 100 miles distant.

Power Laces Are (Finally) Real!

At long last, Back to the Future fans, power laces are finally within your reach!