PS1 + PS2 = PS3

"I've decided to part with my gaming machines specifically for this auction. I have combined my PS1 and PS2 to create the ultimate gaming machine. Yes, that's right, the PS3."

Be sure to take a moment and read through some of the questions to the seller.

Related: The inherent risk of "no reserve" on eBay. And then there's this.

Update: The auction was removed, so enjoy some auctions using boobies to sell PS3's instead.

Caspian Sea Monsters

"The Russians are well known for their less than conventional approach to things. The Ekranoplan is a aircraft that kinda floats on its own speed generated air cushion, its a great concept that unfortunatly had its limitations mainly in the form of investment and interest from Soviet politicians. Although this is a Russian documentary it's worth watching even if you do not understand the language."

Chyna's Freestyle

Take former WWE wrestler Chyna, her female friends, the rock band Daiquiri, EZ Mike of the Dust Brothers on the turntables and feed them tons of booze at a party at Tom Green's house, and what do you get?

Got Augment?

Can you tell a boob job from the real thing?

Tone Deaf

How strong are your musical skills? Keep in mind, this test is intentionally very difficult, and even talented musicians rarely score above 80%.


"After performing the usual impressive Demo, the Superhornet came in to land. Almost immediately upon touching down there was a loud "BANG" - he blew a tire. He got the jet slowed down and held it in the runway until the other tire gave way, then she broke loose."

The Great Wait

Now that the big launch of the Nintendo Wii and PlayStation 3 have passed, stories of people's adventures in line are starting to surface. Oh, sure, we all heard about the shootings and robberies, but many of the better stories got lost in their wake. Did any of you have a good (or bad) time camping out?

The link goes to one of the better stories that's come our way so far. Amazingly, nobody got shot in Chicago.

Update: Here's another one, a bit less friendly, probably fake. (Thanks: giogringo.)

Dangerous Toys

W.A.T.C.H.'s annual "10 Worst Toys" list nominates representative toys with the potential to cause childhood injuries, or even death.

Prefab Living

Apparently the idea of building cheap, durable housing and commercial space using steel shipping containers has been around since the 80's. FabPrefab has a ton of info about the concept with links to examples.

Periodic Table of Awesome

The revised "spiral" design of the old table makes it seem a whole lot more interesting than it did in school.

New Maths

By drawing a few lines, you can greatly simplify multiplication problems. In other words, OMGWTFHAX!!1

American Rhetoric

This site is an audio (and text) database of speaches by Americans. They organize the information in all kinds of different ways, including the top 100.

Hyperactive Interactive

Lasse Gjertsen has done it again, this time turning his popular "Hyperactive" video into a machine, allowing you to create the mix. (via Neatorama)

Guess The Logo

How well do you know the logos of popular online businesses?

7:35 AM

"Last night I didn't fall asleep until early in the morning. And I've got a long day ahead of me... So, what the hell is making me smile at... seven thirty-five in the morning?"