100 Girls and Octopuses

Yea, I don't get it either. I guess that means it's art.

Baby Shark Soup

Baby sharks eat each other while they're still in the womb, w/video. (18+ ads only.)

Smells Like Ukulele

The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain performs Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit."

How Pregnancy Happens

Procreation has never been more... cute.

Kramer the Cracker

"Seinfeld star Michael Richards unloads with a endless string of racial epithets after being heckled onstage at the Laugh Factory. This could be the mother of all celebrity meltdowns."

Alternate Link: YouTube.

Update: Here comes the apology. (gVideo)

Paintball Minigun

As soon as this project is complete, we need to track down this kid and finish the job.

Danish Bikini Speedbandits

What the world really needs is "a specially trained team of enthusiastic young women not afraid to do whatever it to make sure motorists pay more attention to the speed limit."

Tree of Life

"This tree is from an analysis of small subunit rRNA sequences sampled from about 3,000 species from throughout the Tree of Life. The species were chosen based on their availability, but we attempted to include most of the major groups, sampled very roughly in proportion to the number of known species in each group (although many groups remain over- or under-represented). The number of species represented is approximately the square-root of the number of species thought to exist on Earth (i.e., three thousand out of an estimated nine million species), or about 0.18% of the 1.7 million species that have been formally described and named."

Update: This link turned up in the comments, which is a lot more interactive than the original.

Story Time With Flavor Flav

I blame the liberal media.

Joy Ride

Maybe the cops should have used a taser on the car windows, because clearly none of them are strong enough to break glass with a nightstick.

Vintage Chevy

Southern Motors is reproducing a 1954 Chevy pickup with all new hardware, airbags, Ford drive train and smog legal... for $55,000.

Metalosis Maligna

"Metalosis Maligna is a fictitious documentary about a spectacular yet chronically disabling disease which affects patients who have been fitted with medical implants. Sourcing from such implants a wild metal growth ultimately transforms human patients into mechanical looking constructions."

Lean Spleen

Laparoscopic Splenectomy, in case you're into that sort of thing.

Polar Bear Cam

National Geographic have set up a remote web cam similar to last year's Africa Cam to watch polar bears. It still uses Real, unfortunately.

Dora the Explorer

To boldly go where no Aquapet has gone before!