Toothpick Trick

With a few toothpicks and a drop of water, you can impress all the teenage girls at Denny's late one night...

Update: More info on how to get this right.

Swedish Chef Collection

Here's 14 minutes worth of the good ol' Chef in all his glory.


When they're not busy amazing us with their creativity, the kids at MIT are busy paying tribute.

Ultimate Midget Fight

We generally avoid Jerry Springer around here, and midget fights are old news too. But, in this particular fight, there's some impressive new techniques used that surely need to be studied by the martial arts community.

Thanks to the 30+ people that submitted this. I'm still catching up from that whole wedding, honeymoon business.

Chevy 305

"This is a worn out Chevy 305 with two blown headgaskets, over a gallon of water in the crank case, and a brick on the gas."

It's nice to see that even in its final moments, the old Chevy performed like a champ.

Faces of Gaming

"I wanted to take photographs of people that would reveal a hidden part of their character. So I had them play videogames."

Take a few minutes to look around the rest of the site as well, there's a bunch of good stuff there.

Blue Audi S4

If you're asked to drive your friends Audio S4 from New York to Seattle, why not have a little fun... with painter's tape.

Just a Friend

Tally Hall does a good job on this song, but if you cover Biz Markie, I think doing a better job than the original is against the rules.

Unrelated: This was linked on one of the pages, and reminded me that this is still one of my favorite videos of all time. Kinda random tonight I guess...

Finger Safety

This video does a pretty good job of explaining why it's important to take care of your fingers, but it's so damn boring, I had to smash a few digits to stay awake long enough to post this.

Niagara Falls

Even though this is one of the most photographed places in the world, the view from space is still surprisingly incredible.

Portable Slot Cars

Actually, they may not run in a proper slot, but you get the idea. I marked this as cool because it's nice to see a slight departure from the electronic toys we're inundated with these days. I loved my toy cars as a kid (and still race R/C cars competitively), and appreciate this small departure from the electronic trend.

Cardboard Art

"These photos show painted cardboard shelters in the homeless city that took root in the underground sprawl of Shinjuku stations western wing in the mid-1990s. A deadly fire swept through the community in February 1998, forcing the inhabitants out and conveniently allowing the city to proceed with long-awaited plans to construct the moving walkway that now exists there. The paintings were also lost in the fire."

Cooter Coloring Book

I have a feeling you're going to need a bunch of pink crayons...

Related: Cunt Art (thanks dragongirl724)

Malakapalakadoo, Skip Two

"A school film to encourage kids to use their imagination or a thinly-veiled introduction to hallucinogenic drugs? You decide."

Ancient Swords

Recent analysis of scary sabers used sometime around 900 AD has revealed that they may have gained their unusual strength from carbon nanotubes.