Love of Polaroid

Fans of Polaroid have created a site to collect and share some of their favorite pictures. There's a few stray boobies in there (hence the 18+) but nothing to get excited about.

Bloody Hail

I don't see any dead cattle, but the damage to the cars is impressive.

Animator vs Animation II

I was a big fan of the original, and the sequel doesn't disappoint.

Sexual Harassment

"Word around the office is you've got a fat cock... I've got a fat cock too."

This video hits close to home, especially if you're privy to our super-secret admin thread.

Tasty Bulldozer

The world's largest machine snarfs everything in its path, including bulldozers.

Hall Monitors

Set your tasers to "argue" and get ready...

The UCLA library requires that students present an ID after 11:00 PM. The subject of this video failed to present an ID, and then refused to leave the library when asked by campus police. The real cops were brought in to remove the man, presumably because he refused to leave on his own. The video begins as he starts to throw a fit about being escorted out, and gets tased. He is then subsequently tased another 4 times during the process of removing him from the library, something a lot of people feel is an excessive use of force.

The audio is pretty disturbing, so if you don't want to hear a kid yell in pain after his 5 tasings, skip this one.

More info here, and here. Further discussion can also be found in the Slorum.

Update: UCLA's paper has a response from the school's community about the incident.

Update: UCLA's student newspaper is now calling the incident "disturbing" and "unacceptable."

Update: An eyewitness account of the event by one of the people who was threatened with a taser when asking for badge numbers.

Update: The official statement from UCLA's High Chancellor has been issued, basically justifying the force used.

Update: Lawyer up! Yep, a high profile lawyer is now on the case.

Season Shot

This is a joke, right? People don't really shoot birds with ammo made from seasoning so they can, ahem, kill two birds with one stone, do they?

Help A Fazer Out!

Fazer Shanknuts is in the running to win a dream wedding! Please take a look and vote for him if you feel so inclined (Ellie and Shaun)! LAST DAY TO VOTE!

Series of Tubes

And you thought the plumbing in your house was bad...

Train Surfing

After learning of his terminal leukemia, a German known as "The Trainrider" decided to enjoy the final year of his life by "surfing" the fastest trains in the world using suction cups.

Steve's Weird House

"Stephen resides in a Victorian home that is a cluttered combination of museum, library and art gallery, decorated with that old-world Addam's Family charm. Not only is every inch of every wall covered with art, but all the ceilings are also decorated."

Use the "Java" link if QuickTime VR isn't your thing.

Kick Me in the Jimmy!

I suppose you'd expect monks to be hardcore, but watching them take repeated kicks to the junk might have made me infertile.

Wizard of Floyd

For those of you who have never seen The Wizard of Oz and Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon at the same time.

Freehand Drawing Like Whoa

I wish I could draw like this... 18+ for content. No actual boobies, sorry.

Lego City

This is the coolest LEGO city that I've ever seen.