Blocking The Road

It's almost a certainty that your car is going to lose against two giant poles that pop out of the ground, determined to ruin your day.

Tim Fort's Kinetic Art

Tim Fort uses impulse-transmission techniques to create art using kinetic energy.

Mixed Condoms

I guess if you're having trouble getting the sex, you can use your condoms for art instead.

2007 Mustang Eleanor

It's probably a good idea to not hand the keys of your brand new 2007 Mustang Eleanor to your 14 year old son minutes after you bring it home.

Rolling on Clear

What's next in the nearly ridiculous world of custom wheels? Clear, polycarbonate, even harder to keep clean, 2k each... I guess. (via Engadget)

There's a little more information here.

Blizzard Art Contest

The winners of the first annual Blizzard Art Contest have been revealed.

Will It Blend?

These guys are quite proud of their blender. Check out the "don't try this at home" section for some impressive video of its capabilities.

Goatse Card

Does your bank allow you to put any image you'd like on your check card, with, eh, certain limitations?

Animatronic Human Sculpture

Using good ol' manual machining, Mark Ho created the "ultimate puppet" from bronze and stainless steel.

Chrome Videos

The record label Stones Throw released three videos for the new album "Chrome Children." The animation style of all three videos is fantastic, and each one tells a story. Use the links under the title to view the other two videos.

How to Good-Bye Depression

Constricting your anus, huh? I remember hearing a little bit about this, but now I may need to track down the book.

Hello Yummy

Would you have any trouble eating noodles with little "Hello Kitty" figures mixed in? They're too cute to eat!

Asian Girls and Girls

There's entirely too many clothes in this gallery, but it's a decent way to start your morning.

Paint Ball

Paint Ball is another game with a little bit of Line Rider in it. The object here is to "paint" a path to the target that will allow a ball dropped from the top of the screen to travel there. The physics seem a little questionable, but it's a good time.

Kiss The Fish

This is a new twist on body painting that gives you a little room for interaction. There's way more potential with this than the few picture show...