Box of Music

Fazer jhumbug created a virtual, interactive music box that works very much like the kind you probably grew up with. With a little work, you can reproduce your favorite childhood melodies. Too bad it doesn't have a save feature.

Shape of Suck

How smart are you? You'll have no idea after this test, but you may better understand the limits of your frustration.

Pixel Block Minesweeper

If you've got 32,000 pixel blocks laying around, I suppose you could use them to create a really big version of minesweeper. (via Waxy)

Pie Chart

Next time you're stuck giving a presentation that requires lots of pie charts, try sneaking this one in there.

That Thing, Karma

You remember the CraigsList sex ad guy from a few months ago? Yea, things aren't looking so good...

Update: Oops, looks like it was the copycat scammer and not the original guy that started the whole mess.

Wii Wants It!

GameSpot managed to nab some pictures of the unboxing of a Nintendo Wii. This is probably the final retail packaging, meaning... OH GOD HURRY!

Update: If you're more of a PS3 person, Engadget took some video and pictures of what appears to be a nearly finished console.

PayPal is the Bomb

A bomb exploded outside the PayPal headquarters last night and was powerful enough to knock out one of their windows.

Weird Al - Bob

Weird Al parodies Bob Dylan in a song where every verse is a palindrome. (via Negatendo)

Update: Yea, it's old, but it seems like a lot of Al's more recent stuff slipped through the cracks.

Playable Pac-Man Costume

If you're invited to a Halloween party with an 80's theme, leave the Voltron costume in the closet and turning yourself into a playable Pac-Man machine instead.

Pumpkin Fresh

There's a process you can follow to keep your nicely carved pumpkin from turning into a giant pile of orange mush after a few days. This will also make it much more fun for someone to smash while you're sleeping.

Landsat Gallery

This is a great collection of satellite images from the Landsat Project. Unfortunately the pictures aren't big enough to use as desktop images, but it's still a nice way to appreciate the planet's natural beauty.

The Amazing Archerfish

Hearing about a fish that can catch flies by spitting on them doesn't sound that impressive until you see the fish leap from the water and snatch the bug out of the air. (w/video)

Update: They're relentless critters, aren't they?

Extreme Chess

In order to beat the record for the most simultaneous games of chess ever played, 13,000 people were forced to spend the afternoon in Mexico City.

Dangerous Cities

If you're in St. Louis and don't like your life there, don't worry too much, you probably won't last long.

Sketch Your Furniture in the Air

I'm not sure how useful the final product would be, but designing your furniture using light sketching could be interesting at least once.