Frozen Methane Bubbles

These frozen bubbles under Alberta's Lake Abraham might look like winter jewels, but you wouldn't want to be too close to one if it popped: the bubbles are actually frozen pockets of methane, a highly flammable gas. Most of the time, methane escaping from the surface of water is relatively harmless -- but if you happen to be lighting a match at the time one of these bubbles explodes, watch out.

Mid-Air Skydiving Rescue

Saved by his friends after being knocked unconscious during a collision with another diver.

Thailand Military Parade

Definitely impressed with their ability to do the wave, but what's up with the 7th graders playing The Final Countdown?


4 million songs on Spotify have never been played. Not even once. Let's change that.

Sledding Down Crestwood Boulevard

Because who doesn't want to go sledding at 30MPH after a few drinks?

The Drone You Didn't Know You Wanted

Sure, it's a commercial, but who cares? I want a drone to start taking video of everything.

The Pacific Crest Trail

On May 17, 2013 I was dropped off in Campo, California at the US/Mexico Border. Four and a half months later I was in Manning Park, British Columbia having walked the 2,600 mile Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) across California, Oregon, and Washington to do get there.


I have no idea WTF RHCP are doing here. I feel like I just listened to the entire 90's. Is that weird?

Virtual Lego Builder

Here's your chance to reminisce without digging through a cardboard box for the important bits. Appears to only work with Google Chrome.

Crashing a Live News Broadcast

Pick your targets carefully. I could watch this all day.

Cat Bomb

A pile of kittens run for cover.

Rotating Head Sculpture

Video of the illusion of a rotating head in action.

Snow Storms Hit the South

A friend passing through on his way to Florida got stranded and ended up spending the night in a shelter.

Middle Earth: The View From Space

Creating a model of Middle Earth using the 3D terrain program Outerra.

Architecture of Doom

The idea of the blog was to post mostly architecture that is often seen as bleak/gloomy/forbidding/desolate/unfortunate and totalitarian architecture.