FAZED 5 (Live)

This site is powered by thousands of hours of lost life. Finally, tangible evidence that my slow self-destruction has some kind of purpose.

Normally, this is the part where I thank my "lovely girlfriend" for all her support. We should all thank her for empowering me to make this site happen with her absence.

I risk sounding clich, but honestly the only people I want to thank are all of you that visit. I've put everything I have into making this site run the past few years. I can think of nothing more rewarding than having so many people appreciate my effort. I'm a geek, the technical game is my profession and my hobby. I've got enough know-how to make this happen, so here it is. The geek life has been good to me, this is my way of giving back.

No Thanks
This has been a hard year for me. People that I thought were respectable lied to gain my trust, and then stabbed me in the back to further their own agenda. People that I loved used me, took advantage of my generosity, and lied to me. The strongest girl I've ever known lost her fight with a lifelong disease. Infidelity jumped out of nowhere and reminded me that if you expect too much from someone, you'll always end up surprised.

Adam Who?
I am apathy personified. For the few of you interested in what's going on with me, I generally keep my weblog "blogstar" updated regularly.

Closing Thoughts
Nothing says more about a person than how they treat others.